Sunday, February 22, 2009

Somerset Brean Down, Berrow & Burnham On Sea Feb 09

Leaving early we headed to Shrewsbury, stopping off for breakfast at McDonald's for breakfast. We then joined the A49 for a scenic journey along the Shropshire. Herefordshire, Gloucestershire / Welsh Boarder.

It was a lovely run, we stopped at the Ruins of Tintern Abbey before headed on our journey over the Severn Bridge.
We visited many places whilst in Somerset which are set out in the blogs below.
We had early morning starts over a few days.
We stayed a Brean Down at a holiday park. Brean is on the coast one night the mist rolled in from the sea making it a very aerie still night.

The park had lots to do Aaron enjoyed playing on the 2p machines and was thrilled when all the 2p`s spilled out when he won.
We also played air hockey and snooker. We had lovely meals out some nights as a treat we all deserved.

The entertainment on Saturday Night was fantastic, "retakethat". This group was a tribute band to the real Take That. We had great time singing along and dancing to the Take That hits. We all enjoyed the show.
re take that web site link

In the past I have stayed at this park with Daniel, he would have really enjoyed this night which made us a little sad. Daniel was a party animal when it came to bands and disco`s he loved it. It`s heartbreaking to know he will never be here to enjoy life as he did.

Aaron really was in the party mood tonight he is a fond fan of Take That. He sang along and also joined the boys and girls dancing on the dance floor. This was nice to see as it is the first time he has done this since Daniel died. The boys were partners in crime and loved to be on the dance floor together.

The band also did a tribute act to the Beatles. Billy and I danced along to the tunes. the night was over so fast, it was late as we all strolled back to are beds for the night.

Also during the break away we went swimming in the park pool. It was a very warm pool we all had a good swim and played ball. I got upset remembering Daniel and how he enjoyed swimming. Life to him was so unfair.
During our stay at Brean we also visited Burnham on Sea. The sea front here is very clean and tidy. Also on our travels we watched the radio controlled boat race and fed the swans and ducks.

The sun shone down all wekend Billy, Aaron and I had a lovely time but one little boy will always be missing on our family days out.
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Weston Super Mere Somerset Feb 09

One occassion we visited Weston Super Mere. We Looked around the shops and the sea front.
There is a garden here in memory of Jill Dando, the TV presenter that was shot on her door step some years ago. Here are some photographs and links.

Links to town web site

link to Jill Dando Tribute Web Site

Chedder Gorge Somerset Feb 09

Chedder is a very pretty place with fancy coloured cottages and high rock gorge. We walked around Chedder for quite some time visiting the Chedder Cheese Company.

Here Aaron got to see how the cheese is made. We walked around the factory then at the end he even got the taste the different cheeses the factory makes. The factory even makes chuckney which was very nice.

We carried on our walk before returning to the car and driving up the narrow gorge.
We saw the mountain goats before we drove out into the open country side of part of the Mendip Mountains.

Below more photographs and links -
Chedder web site link

Wookey Hole Somerset Feb 09

We visited Wookey Hole. This was a good place to explore. Ideal for children due to the variety of different activity's available.

Here is a link to Wookey Hole Web site --

Our journey round wookey hole first took us to the fabulous caves link to caves :- We walked through a variety of caverns. Some of which were very colourful with stalagmites and stalactites lite up by coloured lights.

The river Axe runs throughout the cave. It is extremely deep in parts. One part had a boat tied up along what was an underground shore line.

We walked thought the cave ducking under the low parts and walking over high platform's with the river running far below us. It was a very interesting place to visit.

We spent quite some time in the cave. Spooky story`s were told as we travelled round. One about the Witch that was turned to stone by a monk and holy water. We learnt how the Celt's used the cave as there home and how due to the even temperature it was possible the cave would be warmer than the outside of the cave in the cold harsh winters around the Mendips.

We were also shown the wookey cave cheese that matures underground in time by now Aaron was sick of cheese ans so were we.
Are trip continued to the outside of the cave and into the fairy garden.

The fairy garden was very pretty it was near the cave entrance. We walked through the garden towards the dinosaur park. There was a huge King Kong here as well as huge dinosaur models.

Entering the buildings firstly took us into the museum. Here there were items that had been found in the cave along with diving equipment and displays of caveman times. The museum was very interesting.
Next stop was the paper mill here is were they make very expensive paper. The children can also have a go at paper making. It is interesting to watch.
Moving on we entered the play areas. There is a good soft play area for younger children.
We were getting hungry so we visited the canteen for lunch.

After we headed for the circus. Young children performed acrobatic tricks. They were really good and entertaining.

Also at wookey hole we looked at the clown museum. This was a very interesting museum filled with lots of clown material from all over the world. Fab to look and we all enjoyed this area.

Other places of interest included the old seaside penny machines, mirror mazes, funny mirrors and the pirates play area. The pirate play area includes canon`s firing soft balls. The children, mums and dads also had a good time here. I was glad I was on Aaron`s side.

All to soon our day at wookey hole was over. It was a good place to visit with a wide range of activity's to do although it was a little expensive.
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The Abbey Glastonbury Somerset Feb 09

Driving into Glastonbury we parked up in the main town car park. We headed for the high street to look around the shops. WOW what a place. The shops were fantastic hippy and witch craft right up my street. They were fascinating to look in. Aaron is into different rock formations and unique musical instruments so he had a great time looking around the shops.
Entering each the smell of incense and the unusual, magical, mystical items fascinated us all.
Here is a link for information on Glastonbury
I have always had an interest in magical mythical history and witches. Aaron also has a keen interest in mythological and history. Billy also has the same interests as us both they watch the history channel on sky together a few times a week.
We all really enjoyed looking around the shops. The hippy fantasy element of Glastonbury surly makes this town a fascinating place to visit.
The town also hosts what must be the greatest music festival in the UK. Here is a link to the web site :-

We continued our journey which took us to Glastonbury Abbey. Yet again this was another very interesting place to visit.

We strolled around listening to the story`s of medieval times the monks and the tales of King Arthur. Again this was a place of aerie peace and tranquility despite of its past some of it re - known ed for its extreme violence and poverty. the buildings are now ruins. Aaron enjoyed exploring as did Billy and I.

It was even more interesting due to the fact it was brought to life by the living history characters that told the story's around the Abbey.

We stayed here for quite some time as it was a very interesting place to visit. Towards the end of our visit to the abbey we watched as medieval bread was made. Aaron actually joined in making the dough and was shown how to test the quality of the dough for raising.
Heading back to the car we picked up some cakes from one of the fab cake shops in the town.
Here is link to the Abbey web site

here are some links to other interesting web sites concerning Glastonbury.
Witch Craft Shop -
Witch`s Meet Up Web site -
Druids Web Site -
Witch craft emporium -
History Glastonbury Festival -
Local History -

Chalice Well Gardens Glastonbury Somerset Feb 09

Chalice Well gardens are set in Glastonbury. The garden is very peaceful and has a sad atmosphere. The garden is a place of relaxation and meditation.
We took are picnic in that we had made that morning, we found a quite spot and ate our lunch. Waterfall displays flowed near by into a small pond area. After lunch we continued our journey exploring the garden.
We walked through and found the lion statue which has natural spring water flowing through and is safe to drink. This water is said to have healing powers. Aaron made Billy drink the rest of his drink so he could fill his bottle with the water. He enjoyed his special watery drink. The water is full of iron and good for you.
We carried on up the garden reaching the sanctuary. Here you could light candles. We lite a candle for both Callum and Daniel and sat for a while remembering them.

We also visited the well, we stayed in this area for quite some time taking in the healing powers of the well. Aaron and I chatted for quite some time about Daniel. It certainly was a place of peace and tranquility.

We continued our journey into the meadow were we had a good view of Glastonbury Tor. If we had had more time we all would have liked to have walked to the Tor. This is something we intend to do together in the future.

The gardens we full of beautiful plants, trees and flowers. it is defiantly a magical, mystical place to spend some time.
Below is a link to the web site which also has a virtual tour.

Here is some information about Chalice Well

Chalice Well is a holy well situated at the foot of Glastonbury Tor in the county of Somerset, England. The natural spring and surrounding gardens are owned and managed by the Chalice Well Trust (registered charity no. 204206), founded by Wellesley Tudor Pole in 1959.

Cover of the Chalice Well
Archaeological evidence suggests that the well has been in almost constant use for at least two thousand years. Water issues from the spring at a rate of 25,000 gallons per day and has never failed, even during drought. Iron oxide deposits give water a reddish hue, as dissolved ferrous oxide becomes oxidized at the surface and is precipitated. Like the hot springs in nearby Bath, the water is believed to possess healing qualities.
In addition to the legends associated with Glastonbury, the Well is often portrayed as a symbol of the female aspect of deity, with the male symbolised by Glastonbury Tor. As such, it is a popular destination for pilgrims in search of the divine feminine, including modern Pagans. The Well is however popular with all faiths and in 2001 became a World Peace Garden.
Below is a link to the mystical thoughts of Chalice Well

The Barn & Rural Museum Glastonbury Somerset Feb 09

The Barn Rural Life Museum also interested all of us. Aaron was shown how to make butter in olden times. He also went on a mission for a prize finding all the witches pots and there contents.

Off Course he completed his task without a problem and won a prize.

The farm house was set in olden time with dressed up characters adding to the atmosphere.

We walked around looking at all the gadgets in the house & museum.

There was also a medieval farm display in the old farmyard and meadow. Below are some web site links about the museum ( which is part of the National Trust )

Below are some web site links :-