Friday, April 30, 2010

Llangedwyn School was on the radio 2 day. We are promoting our school as numbers are dropping from September and we want more kids !

Llangedwyn School is the best school in the world

To listen to the radio please click I player link below :- the interviews are approx 2 hours 4 minutes into the show and again at 2 hours 48 Min's


We also have a facebook page WE LOVE LLANGEDWYN SCHOOL the page puts you in touch with past pupils, staff and parents. Also the page is up dated frequently with school news and events held by the school. Please join our group to enabe our much loved community school to survive for the future.

I also run Kids Club we have a blog :-


Monday, April 26, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

What a wonderful weekend, we spent most of it at a friend`s house with him and his three girls. Aaron is adored by them, the kids played out across the field and on the park. Kevin and I sat chatting and enjoying the sunshine.
Later on Saturday, Aaron and I headed off to a party at the Flash in Welshpool. we also did a bit of shopping. Aaron had a great time in the swimming pool with his pals. All us mum`s had a good chinwag and caught up on all the latest gossip as you do. After the boys had finshed swimming we headed outside for a little tea party.
Afterwards we headed back to Kev`s for a lovely evening in good company, makes a change.
Sunday we headed to the car boot at Llangedwyn, we got some brilliant items which we are both chuffed with. Aaron got a new mountain bike with 18 gears and mid suspension, he is thrilled with it.
Later by popular request from the kids and Kevin, we headed back to Kevin`s house for another relaxing afternoon together. The kids get on brilliant as does Kev with Aaron.
Kev is the most honest, genuine, kind hearted man I have ever met, makes a change from all the lies deceit and aggression I have put up with in the past.
Later found out Kev was yet another bloody liar he was hiding a very dark sinsiter secret that he certainly wouldn`t want his mother to no about. I feel so sorry for those poor children. It makes me wonder are there any decent honest guys in this world ?????? I think not !
Kev and I remain friends but at a distance wonder why ?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Daniel`s Birthday

What would have been Daniel`s 13th Birthday saw us heading down to his grave. Aaron had the day off school as his head felt it would be better for him to spend the day with me. He had become increasingly upset as the week wore on and Daniel`s birthdays approached.
Both Daniel and Aaron were extremely close sibling's, Aaron still feels the pain of Daniel`s death and misses his elder brother terribly.

We were not alone today as my friend Helen and my beautiful little god daughter Abigail came along with us. On the way we stopped off to buy flowers. Aaron, Nana and I chose a bunch of 13 multi red roses for Daniel, Helen yellow roses and we got a bunch from Daniel`s great Aunt Murial.
The boys grave was awash with colour as you can see above.

Once we had spent our time at the grave, we headed to Roydon Park to give Fred our dog a run and fr us to take a walk. We had a lovely time exploring Thurstaton Common. Fred ran wild and free.
We came across a tree full of toad stools, all the trunk and branches were covered. Defiantly a place were fairy's would hang out ?
Aaron was doing his Bear Grylls impression making knifes out of wood for hunting. Shows what he learns in scouts survival skills.

Tormenting Helen with his new found hand made sharp objects, inst a good idea !!!!

Below we found a lost dog. His owner came frantically looking for him after a short while. We learnt his name was George.

This was a fun time Abigail loved going on a hunt for grey squirrels with Aaron. He is brilliant with other children especially younger ones. Little Abigail adores Aaron.

later we stopped off to visit my Aunt and my mum. My mum is staying with my Aunt as unfortunately my Aunt is going blind and can hardly see.
We had a nice day despite the task we were on. Throughout the day we had many electrical occurrences car alarms going off, Mobile phones with minds of there own and radios coming on without being switched on. Myself, Aaron and Helen believe a Little person was very active today making himself known and wanting to tell us even though we cant see him, he is always with us.
That evening a cold presence came into the room and the scent of Daniel followed.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Daniel 13 Years Old Friday 23rd April 2010

Our Daniel would have been 13 years old on the 23rd of April 2010. Sadly he never reached this mile stone birthday were he would have become a teenager he died age 10 yrs of age.
to read more about Daniel or leave a message on his site please click link below :-
These photographs were taken a few weeks before he died.

Daniel and Callum`s song ------ Take That How Deep Is Your Love




partying with the angels in heaven

Love form Mummy, Brother Aaron, Nana & all your family and friends

We are placing 13 red roses on his grave for his birthday.

Scouts: Orienteer Activity Badge

Well done Aaron for completing the Scouts : Orienteer Badge. He worked extremely hard to complete this badge it involved both Day and Night hikes around the countryside, one of which I wrote about a few weeks ago. To complete the badge he completed the tasks below.

Complete the following:

1. Know the map colours and common symbols used on an orienteering map.

2. Be able to orientate a map using either terrain or compass and understand how to navigate whilst keeping the map set to the ground. Be able to 'thumb' the map to log a changing position.

3. At an orienteering event, accurately transfer relevant details from a master map to a personal orienteering map.

4. Complete three courses at orienteering events recognised by the BOF, or of other similar standard.

5. Show knowledge of safety procedures, basic First Aid, appropriate clothing and equipment for countryside navigation.

6. Demonstrate knowledge of the Countryside Code.

Bronze Level 3 Aarons Life Saving Award

Aaron has been award the Bronze Level 3 for his efforts as a Rookie Life Guard
for more info on life saving click this link :-

Sunday, April 18, 2010

VW Show Bus Types 2010 - Fantastic Weekend

What a wonderful weekend. VW`s, Sun, Camping, Rock Bands and Disco`s What more can a girl want.
This has to be one of the best VW shows held at Oswestry. They came in there thousands from all over the country.
Everything from Beetles, Bay Windows, Split Screens and T25`s. Slam to Rat`s all types of campers.

After a few hour`s work early Saturday morning we headed off to the show, loaded up ready to camp for the night. It was a beautiful day we headed for a look around the stalls and the vans on show.
Later in the afternoon we joined in the road cruise with our T25. It was an amazing site as the VW`s headed through the Shropshire villages coming to rest at Billy Badger`s Chirk. It was here we first met Mad Max. This guy was a real case, we were comparing T25`s only difference was he had put on extra`s power steering and his wasn't standered. We agreed to meet up later for a pint to compare notes. It was Mad Max`s first VW show he hadnt had his van long ?
After the cruise Aaron and I made a quick pit stop back home to feed the rest of the animals. Leaving lots of food for Sooty the cat, Jake the parrot and locking Jingle in the stable for the night bribing him in with his tea to get him in ( he cant get up to mischief locked up ) we headed back to the show.
Harry offered to let Jingle out on Sunday morning ( thanks Uncle Harry & Aunt Pat for minding the house over night )
Next stop back to the show !!!!

The evening entertainment was fab rock band The Duffs Played most of the night. In the other hall was a disco playing a wide range of music form many of the recent decades.
We had a great laugh. What a fantastic night in great fun company.

Sunday morning saw us up early heading off to the car boot at Whittington. With the show being so busy we walked down. Again it was such a beautiful day. Aaron took his bicycle whist I walked Fred the dog. There is a cycle lane that runs parallel with the road so Aaron could cycle in safety. Reaching the castle the swans had made a nest and the female looked as if she was sitting on eggs, we will have to pay another visit soon to see if they have hatched ( picture`s below) We bought a few bits and then headed back to what was becoming a very packed show even more camper vans than the day before.

Another wonderful day lay ahead. We wandered around the show, then headed back to the camper for some shade and a rest. After another wonderful day we said our goodbyes`s to all the lovely people we had met and the old friend`s who have known us on the VW scenes for many years. All vowing to meet up again at the next one. Having travelled to many show`s over the years from Scotland to Cornwall we have made many friend with camper vans. Many people remember us with our beloved Daniel. Daniel loved the show his smiles and cheeky ways are missed by many people who remember him.

What a fantastic weekend what more can a girl want.