Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sweet Memories New Brighton Baths

Ahhh...... New Brighton Baths. What fond memories I have of this wonderful place. New Brighton bathes was set upon the banks of the River Mersey and the Irish Sea. It was an outdoor pool quite big in size.
As a child I remember walking along the prom with my friend`s and sometimes my cousins for a swim at the bathes then walking home again along the beach. Those were the days.
I can remember one particular very hot summer. It was around 1976 or 1977. It was very hot. My cousins if I remember rightly it was Julie and Susan. I had my bikini top on. We walked from my childhood home back then, to New Brighton baths had a swim the walked back again. I can still remember the terrible sun burn I had that summer. My skin peeled coming off in clumps. The joys of the long summer days by the sea and the River Mersey. 
I loved growing up by the river. I have fond memories of walking my little dog Mandy. 
I do miss the Wirral at times especially my friends and the river. Although I would and could never move back there. 
The River Mersey will forever hold a place within my heart.
Anyway back to New Brighton bathes. Another memory I have is that of a bit of an ordeal. I was only young when running around the pool. I must stress you should never run around a swimming pool as its slippery.  These days you get a telling off by the life guards but in them days ( the olden days ) you never. Well guess what I managed to slip and smash my head on the side of the pool before falling in and nearly drowning. That day I damaged my skull with a crack and tissue damage. I still have a bump to this day which reminds me never to run near the side of a pool as its slippery.
One of my best memories was that of New Brighton Rock. This was a ticketed event. My mum ( Nana Dotty ) worked for the police as a crossing patrol ( lolly pop lady ). My mum managed to get tickets for most days. New Brighton Rock here we came. I was about 15 / 16 years old at the time. I was with Paul my childhood sweetheart. Myself, Paul, Paul`s friend Gary and Klazina my cousin went most days to watch New Brighton Rock being film. The show went out one night on TV, I still have it on VHS video somewhere.
It was a brilliant show we saw Frankie goes to Hollywood, Eddie Grant, The Weather Girls, Haircut One Hundred and many others I just can not remember without looking at the VHS Video.
New Brighton Bathes had no gone forever. It amazes me how much New Brighton has changed over the years. At one time is was quite derelict down there but Over the years I have watched it grow into a more modern place which suits our times. 
I will always miss that big old open pool as I am sure many other will too. 

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