Saturday, February 23, 2013

Universal Soldier Day Of Reckoning Film Review

Universal Soldier Day Of Reckoning starring Jean Claude Van Damme, Scott Adkins, Dolph Lundgren. Only the strong will survive. A film with so much bone breaking bullet blasting violence.
Action movie legends Van Damme & Lundgren are back in full force, with world renowned British material arts star Scott Adkins in the most violent and thrilling Universal Soldier sequel yet.
Forced into hiding, a rogue troop of UniSols have formed an underground militia of deadly warriors. Lead by the merciless Andrew Scott ( Lundgren ) and Luc Deveraux ( Van Damme ). The plan is to rage a war of total destruction.
Only one man can stop them and he is hell bent on revenge for the death of his family. John (Adkins) is on a mission to hunt down and kill all the UniSols unless they find him first.

A very violent bloody film that makes you want to throw up at times. If you enjoy a bit of blood and guts and lots of fighting its a film for you.
The story line and the start shocked me quite a bit as did the rest of this blood thirsty film. Yes we carried on watching ? I must be stark raving mad.
It was a good film I am going to rate this twice I thing once for each frame of mind I was in whilst watching.
Firstly as a horror fan  8 out of 10 for  the blood, guts and gore.
for my over all view I found it bit hard to follow and bit to nasty and violent and yukky for me  so I would give it 5 out of 10.
Don`t get me wrong though It is a good film but when your into magic and fairies there is not any in it ! 

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