Sunday, October 18, 2009

West Midlands Safari Park & Sunday Time Out Oct 09

West Midlands Safari Park.

Leaving early, picking up Gaynor, we headed off towards West Midlands Safari Park. Through Shrewsbury, the Shropshire countryside and the small villages on the way such as Much Whenlock.
We headed around Kidderminster and made our way to the entrance of the West Midland Safari Park. Following the road around we firstly came across the antelope and the rhino together with some zebra. The antelope stood in the middle of the road, we had bought some food to feed the animals along the way. the antelope enjoyed his fill as he put his head in the car looking for food.

Next we saw the white wallabies, before heading into the wolf`s den.

The wolf`s are very beautiful creatures we watched them roam around there enclosure, there were quite a few of them.

Moving on we headed to the lion`s. We had such a laugh as when the gates opened a lioness made a dash for the gate and got through. The safari park was then on lock down as the lioness tryed to escape. The keepers sprang into action blocking her was with there land rovers. After quite some time she was eventually forced back into her enclosure. The funny thing was the other lioness`s also made there way for the gate. These naughty girls were dispersed by the keepers chasing them with the land rovers. Eventually everything was as it should be and we were allowed to make our way into the next enclosure.
Here we found beautiful white lion`s. These were incredible creatures some sat chewing away on carcass, others sat lounging on the wooden plate form.

Moving on again we headed for the wild dingo like dogs there were many of these creatures.
Next we were back on the paddocks. Here you could have your window`s down again and interact with the animals. We had deer`s in the windows, mountain goats, buffalo, wild cattle and camels.

My favourite was the giraffe`s. The most beautiful giraffe so very tall as he hovered above out car stood next to us and lowered his head to our car window. I was the only one brave enough to give him a handful of nuts. He was lovely.

In this area there was a herd of zebra, there was a baby one that we all adored. We also saw elephants and more giraffe.
It took us a long time to complete our journey around the safari park but we all had a wonderful time

Next we parked up and headed into the Discovery Zone. Here we wandered around the animal houses. Watching the Sealion show, wandering around the reptile house and other animal houses. We were also lucky enough to see the leopard close up pictured below.

There was a twilight bat cave not a big as Chester Zoo, but we ended up with a very close up view of some of the bats hanging above us on a rope.

We also wandered around the fair ground and saw the hippo`s wallowing in there huge pond and mud and gue. Overall it was a fabulous day out. We all got home completely shattered.

Sunday we headed off to the car boot. The we went shopping. In the afternoon we met up with David a friend of mine who has a VW camper van. We headed for a walk along the canal before heading back to his house for a coffee. David has a lovely Rottweiler dog Storm and and vintage baby window camper van in a colour similar to British racing green. We had a good chat about partners being jealous of children. Which has happened in both of our previous relationships. The weird thing was he told me his ex wife was called Lesley, I stopped for a minutes and giggled before telling him my very much ex husband was called David. It was a laugh. David and I get on really well and I have found a very good friend when it comes to David, looking fwd to next year going to the VW shows in convoy. His camper is in lovely condition. After a while we headed home.
What a lovely weekend in good company.

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