Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bournemouth South Coast Oct 09

Before heading home we went for a visit to Bournemouth. Firstly we headed along the pier. Taking in all the sea air and views.

We watched the jet ski`s, seadoo`s and wind surfers for some time. There was a good choppy sea which added to the fun watching them as they fell off amongst the surf.

Pictured below with Aaron is Lina my friend from nr Wrexham. We all had a great time on our coach trip and have vowed to do it again. It was nice not having to drive, relaxing on the way. Hopefully our next trip will be to spend New Year in Paris France, partying at the Eiffel Tower watching the fireworks. I think it will do Aaron and I good to be away for this date and do something completely different. We certainly wont be sitting at home vegetating over the coming months. Life is for living and we are going to live it so keep an eye on this blog plenty of adventures to come.

Also during our visit to Bournemouth we rode on the land train up the coast, around the park and back again.
Next stop was the aquarium, Oceanarium. We wandered around here slowly. There were some beautiful fish on display. We watched as the keeper fed the huge turtles, sharks and sting ray. There were many tanks with many different kinds of fish.

One display took us on a journey inside a huge whale. This was really interesting going around the inside of the body of a whale. Eventually we were spat out through the blow hole into the ocean. Another creature we came across in the abis was a huge crab.

All to soon our day was over before leaving we picked up a take away pizza for Aaron to have for tea. Boarding the coach we headed up the A roads and motorways back to Wales. Lina gave us a kiss bye bye before she carried on her journey further on.
Thanks to Helen for being our taxi for the trip your a star.
We had a wonderful few days away. Till next time.

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