Thursday, October 29, 2009

Peter Jollys Circus

The evening saw us visiting Peter Jolly`s Circus. We met up with Helen, Jez and the Children, Christine and her husband, Gillian, Martin and children, and some friend`s from Llangedwyn School.
There were many animals performing trick`s at the circus, many horses performing and the circus performers vaulting on and off some very big coloured cobs. There were many miniature horses and donkey`s also in the ring.
There was a exotic animal display which included camels, lama, ankole bull, snakes and zebra.
Farmyard frolics included a goat doing trick and a group of geese doing a obstacle display. There was also a beautiful fox amongst the acts.
There was two dog displays one of which was two dalmatians and a spotted pony.
There was a display of white fan tail pigeons doing balance tricks and riding on barrels and hoops.
Aaron was picked out of the crowd and performed with a pony who could count and tell the time. The pony guessed Aaron`s age but missed by two years. He really enjoyed playing his part in the circus.
The performers also did displays of there own from trapeze, tightrope walks, juggling and fire eating. The human volcano was the final act of the show.
It was a good performance, I am aware of a lot of conservancy over this circus due to the use of live animal's in performance. I must say all these animals looked in perfect health and seemed to be happy doing there acts. We went to visit the animals after the performance, they all seen very happy with lots of hay and well loved by there keepers. It was plain to see many of the animals were very fond of each other. I have mixed views on use of animals in circus but seeing the environment they are kept in a least they have a decent home with people who care for them.
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