Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Bat Walk - Chirk Castle Halloween 09

Chirk Castle Bat Trail. We followed the bat trail around Chirk Castle grounds. Picking up the sheet and with Fred our dog on his lead we headed off to learn about bats. The trail is a lovely walk, through open countryside and woodland.

What we learnt about bats :-
1/ How many different types of bat live in Britain ? A/ 17
2/ What type of bat can be found at Chirk Castle ? A / Greater Horseshoe
3/ What does a Pipistrelle bat weigh the same as ? A / £1 coin
4/ What can bats do that no other mammals can ? A / Fly
5/ How many babies does each mother bat give birth to each year ? A / 1
6/ How old are bats when they are able to fly ? A / 5 to 6 weeks
7/ What do bats do each winter ? A / Hibernate
8/ How many insects can Pipistrelle bats eat each night ? A / 3,000
9/ What noise do bats make to help them find their way ? A / Clinking
10/ How long can bats live ? A / 30 years

We had a great time doing this walk. The autumn is a beautiful season with all the amber colours upon the ground. As we walked we watched the leaves drift down from the tree`s.

Walking across the open countryside we came across a herd of cows and the medieval black sheep. After our walk we stopped off at the cafe for a rest and a short snack of crisps, coke and hot coffee before heading up to the castle for Haunted happenings blog above.

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