Saturday, October 31, 2009

Haunted Happenings - Chirk Castle Halloween

We headed up to the castle for the Haunted happening`s. It was a fabulous day. Around the castle Aaron had to find living ghost`s. The ghost below was Owain ap Rhys, he died in 1325. A so called friend of his slit his throat with a razor whilst shaving.

The lady above was Leulluce Powel, she died in 1645 of a broken heart after her lover failed to return from battle. She walks the castle grounds waiting for her true love to return.

We walked around the castle, Aaron had a great time. The castle was done up with Halloween related articles all the way around. Bats, pumpkins and spiders webs were everywhere. Down the dungeons were suits of armour hanging around adding to the effect of the day.

All around the castle there were story tellers. Witches told story's surrounded by cauldrons, spell books and magic potions.

Below is Elily Gladstone she died in 1925. She was partying at the castle and got very drunk. She ended up falling form the castle roof.

Other ghosts in the castle were Sir Thomas, he died in 1545 and was poisoned by a friend of Henry the 8th after he disagreed with the king executing his wives.
Elizabeth Cavendish was the last ghost to find. She was the governess of the castle, she died in 1901 of consumption TB. She is said to haunt the castle stairway after a child in her care fell to his death from the top of the stairway.

Finishing our tour of the castle we headed to the castle garden`s.

Here Aaron ran around climbing tree`s and climbing in and out of the moat that surround`s the castle. He loves to climb and jump about as all boys should be allowed to. The views from this part of the castle grounds are fantastic. On a clear day you can see as far as the Pennines. It was a relaxing day and made a change from the last time we visited the castle in the company of a man that shouted at Aaron blaming him for another child's failure to climb out of the moat himself, after the child climbed down there freely on his own will. If left to his own devices this child would have found his way out eventually himself but instead he was hauled out by his arms banging his side on the way up. Boy`s should be allowed to be boy`s.

Of course the man in question got told were to go, don't think I have ever met such a prick. This man is cetainly not a person you can trust due to the spiteful remarks I have suffered over my time with my dear Billy. It`s a shame some children have such sheltered childhood`s and are clearly not allowed to do what boys do. Climbing down the moat, climbing tree and running and rolling down hill is something I would have done as a child being a tomboy. Great fun !

What a fab day out on way home we headed to Oswestry to do a little shopping.

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