Friday, October 2, 2009

Pentre Bach Walk Oct 09

Pentre Bach Walk High Above The Valley

Aaron was off school Friday due to being poorly. Later in the afternoon when he felt a little better we went of a walk to deliver the Avon. Being the local Avon rep takes me on some lovely walks around the local area.

This day saw us going on the Pentre Bach walk. Which takes you high up above the valley. Here the views are fabulous.

Towards the end of the day Aaron seemed much better. We were meant to go to Scotland for the weekend with Clwyd Special Riding School. This riding school is were Daniel used to ride his beloved Teddy and Homer. The vaulting team are competing there. But due to Aaron being poorly we decided not to go with it being such a long drive. Anyway I have my orders I have to rest not that I ever take any notice.

Now we have other plans for weekend so watch out on here next week.

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