Saturday, October 10, 2009

Autumn Apples At Erddig National Trust House Oct 09

What a lovely autumn day to visit such a beautiful house, garden and surrounding area. Erddig is surely a interesting place and today was no exception.

Firstly we visited the stable yard. One of the cobs was being groomed ready for his days work. He was due out on the carriage rides around the grounds.

We walked through the house. You are not allowed to take photograph's as many items are priceless as you walk around this magnificent house. As we walked through, we chatted to the volunteers manning their posts. Some asked Aaron questions about history of this house, what things were made of and random questions. He amazed both the volunteers and myself by answering correctly.
I was very chuffed when two of the staff commented on what a lovely boy Aaron is and how clever he was for his age. They asked me which school he was in. I told them he is on his last year in primary Llangedwyn, they said what a good job the school had done with him being so polite, pleasant and clever. It is lovely to hear such wonderful comments form people. Aaron certainly is a child I can be very proud of considering what has happened to him in his past, he is a credit to himself.
We were also privileged today to be allowed into two of our favourite rooms the Tapestry Room and the Chinese Room. These are often only seen from a distance due to there being to many visitors at one time. Today we were allowed in.

As you wander around this house there are so many pretty, unusual and delicate items to look at. One item caught my eye it was called the weeping glass.
After visiting the house we headed to the gardens again these are wonderful to walk around and I find it very relaxing walking.

As we walked we came across the Bee hives. Aaron wasn't happy here, as I am allergic to bees and wasps. I have to carry adrenalin injections. Aaron has been trained to swing into action if I get a sting. I am usually a bit wary of getting to close, today I took some photo`s of the hives.

Next stop was truly an interesting and magnificent sight. The Apple festival display. In all their were 147 different types of Apple. All these different types are grown at Erddig. Some tree`s the apples were from dated back to the 1700`s. There was also a basket of tiny pomme apples dated ancient. (pictured below )
We found this display very interesting seeing so many different variety of apple in one place but also the fact the apples are all grown at Erddig.

What a wonderful day relaxing at Erddig. To learn more about Erddig visit

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