Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Llanfyllin High School Visit

Visit To Llanfyllin High School

Aaron is now in year 6 in primary school he is due to move up to High School Next September. It will be such a change for Aaron being in a small primary school of 38 pupils moving to a school much bigger with over 1000 pupils.

Aaron is full of excitement plus he feels a little daunted by this huge step forward in his life.
Last week we as year 6 parents and children were invited to the high school for a visit. We all congregated in the hall for a presentation of the evening given by pupils, the headmaster and the staff. There were many familiar faces around the hall from school`s in the Tanant Valley area.
Later we were all invited to take a look around the school. We had a nice time looking around meeting the teachers that will be teaching Aaron next year. The staff and the pupils that had turned in to help with the evening were all very pleasant.

Teachers had set some tasks for the children, Aaron did very well and had made an impression on the teaching staff already, especially the history teacher.

Many of the older pupils shouted out Hi Assey as Aaron is known to many kids. I was surprised how many already new Aaron and how popular he was.

The evening went well we had a good look around the school. Aaron is now really looking forward to the start of his new high school life next September.

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