Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fund Raising Bike Ride Lake Vyrnwy Oct 09

What a fun day. 13 miles of bicycle riding around the lake. We headed off in our old faithful VW Camper van up to Lake Vyrnwy. Parking up we met up with many mums, dads and kids from Llangedwyn School. Some of the mums and dads used support cars. Mr Parkinson used a pick up truck to pick up broken down bikes or very tired children.
Some mums and dads volunteered to ride with the children.
We all set off for a fund raising ride around the lake. The landscape is fairly flat so it was quite easy. The older kids set off, Fiona and I rode in the middle of the group as they split up taking it nice and easy. As in my condition I had to ride at a steady pace.
Half way round there was a check point, here Simon was mending broken bikes and we stopped for a drink waiting for everyone to turn up again and the support cars to turn up.
My bike needed a bit of fetaling from Simon as the brakes were a bit stiff.
After a while we set off again a support car went in front to warn the traffic of all the cyclist. Aaron was in the front, Fiona and I settled for the middle again taking it easy. It was a lovely ride around watching the autumn leaves falling from the tree`s.
We headed back up the far side of the lake and over the dam. The lead car had arrived back at the start / finish line to collect the children who had got around first.
Guess who was one of the first Aaron of course he had rode around with 2 of his friend`s they all finished first.
We got back in a few minutes later, we waited a while for everyone to get around the lake Mr Parkinson came in last carrying those who didn't make it. There was only a few in the truck.
After everyone had arrived back we all settled down to our picnic`s this was a great day out for all who took part and we raised quite a few pounds in the process.
Right now i am so tired so its a very early night for us. Completing 13 miles of cycle riding has warn us out.

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