Saturday, October 31, 2009

Enchanted Evening At The Fair Ground West Mid Safari Park

After the safari park we headed to the fair ground. I was unable to go on the rides last time. We put on our wristbands and off we went on all the rides at the fair.

We went on the pirate ship many times, pictured above. We also went on the roller coaster a few time. Aaron's favourite was the twister. This span around and climbed to great heights before spinning back to the ground it was such fun. We also went on the Rhino coaster and the caterpillar and the apple.
We got soaked on the log flume and also wet on the river raft ride. We went on the swings boat and the ghost train. The tarantula spider ride was another good fun ride.

We spent many hours on the rides before heading for some tea.

In the evening the theme changed the ENCHANTING EVENING started. Here as it got dark the lights came on turning the safari park into a wonderful magical place of witches wizards and mystery.

We entered the animal houses during the evening. The reptile house, aquarium and the bat cave. In the bat cave were the bats fly free we came across a creature we had never seen before. Aye aye. he is a nocturnal animal, a mixture of monkey, rodent and with huge claws.
We both fell in love with him, watching him for some time. He was housed with a large jumping rat.

The lights around the park were really good animals lite the way. We also found the Darwin trail, this trail took us down a path listening to the evolution from the dinosaurs to human beings.
There was a display were Aaron had to find and dig out a dinosaur egg, once found he had to break it open to reveal which dinosaur baby was inside. Aaron found a teradacdil. Moving on we came across the evolution of the planes and automobile.

There were also displays in lights of ancient Rome and Egypt.
After this we headed for the sealion show this took place in the dark with the added treats of Merlin the wizard and hazel the witch. The sealions are lovely creatures and the show was fantastic.

Towards the end of the evening, we headed to the spooky animal encounter. Here there was another witch in her room complete with cauldron and spooky creature`s. Aaron made friends with a huge millipede. He was lovely with over 300 legs, he was only young and these can grow to some size and gain over 700 legs in all. Next the show took place the witch had corn snakes. She was to cast a spell to change the colour of the snake. We were all shown a red coloured corn snake. We were able to touch this little chap. The witch also told us about the snakes. They live in corn field`s hence the name. They eat adult mice usually one a week. The witch went on adding things to her cauldron and then place the snake in. With a hocus pocus spell out popped a albino snake minus his red colour. The spell had worked. This time Aaron was chosen from the audience and allowed to hold the snake himself. He really enjoyed this.

After the show was over it was getting rather late, so we headed back to the car. We didn't get home till well after 10pm. We had a wonderful day out with animals, the fair and the enchanted evening.

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