Saturday, October 3, 2009

Harlech Castle & Beyond Gwynedd North Wales Oct 09

Heading off on a blustery autumn day, we headed over the Berwyn mountains towards Bala. Coming down off the Berwyn`s as we headed around a nasty bend there in front of us was a dairy cow looking straight at us through the windscreen. We ushered her off the road and headed on our journey. We decided to take a break at Bala and give Fred our cocker spaniel a run around the marsh land near the lake. It was very blustery here. We watched the wind surfers for some time as they battled to stay on there boards. Some of them went crashing into the lake, it was fairly chilly out there which sent us into shiver land, wet and cold.
After a while we went back to the car for our picnic. We ate are goodies which included a fresh fruit salad.

Next stop was Harlech on the west coast of Wales facing the Irish Sea. We looked around the statue above before heading into the castle. Being members of CADW it didn't cost us any money to go inside.

We wandered around the castle grounds which were mainly ruins. The views from the towers though were breath taking. Behind us were the Snowdonia range mountains. In front was the views of the coast. The Irish Sea was very rough today. The wind was quiet strong, at the top of the towers it was very blowy. We came down and settled into walking around the bottom of the castle.

There was a room which told the history of the castle which was very interesting.

We walked around the castle grounds for quite some time exploring the nooks and granies and little peep holes around the base. We also took many photographs Aaron enjoys looking for weird things on the photo`s to see if he can see any ghosts. He is a fond fan of most haunted.

Aaron still isn't himself full of coughs and colds. poor little chap.

After a while when we had had enough, Aaron headed to the park whilst I went to fetch Fred our dog from the car.

We headed up into the town. Walking past the shops we headed for the nature trail walk. Here there were pond`s and stream`s with plenty of watery wildlife present. Tree`s to climb and little bridges to cross.

Heading back to the car we firstly stopped off at the castle coffee shop. We also had a go in the arcade Fred was allowed in their too. We had a coffee to warm us up before getting back into the car and heading for the coast.

It was very blustery here, the wind was strong and the sea was high. The waves rushed in as the swell took hold it was a lovely sight but yet a little scary.

The sand at the top of the beach was blowing all over the place. As the wind blew the sand stung our cheeks, with Aaron having 3/4 trousers it stung his legs also. We headed back up the path and onto the footpath.

The footpath took us onto the edge of the sand dunes. We walked for sometime along the path. Walking is really good for us, I really enjoy it as does Aaron. It`s nice to be out in the fresh air especially in my condition.
As we turned back to walk back to the car the clouds came rolling in very fast over the Snowdonia Mountain Range. It was amazing to watch as the rain swept in. Aaron grabbed the car keys and ran for cover as the heavens opened. Poor Fred and I go soaked to the skin. At the car we peeled off the layers put on the heaters to dry off. That didn't stop us having a giggle as we drove home in the torrential rain.
At home we had a lovely warm shower and a nice hot drink. Even though we got wet we had a lovely few hours out in the fresh air. With all this beauty around us Wales is surly the best place to live and we love it.
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