Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monkey World Oct 09

It was an early morning start, after breakfast we boarded our coach heading to Monkey World.
What a wonderful day out at monkey world. It rained at first but the weather brightened up for the second part of the day.

We wandered around the enclosures which housed many types of rescued monkey`s. Some of them had sad stories to tell. Some of which would break your heart.
They were amazing to watch.

We had a nice hot drink in the cafe then headed to the Great Ape Play area. Here Aaron had a great time whilst I watched and took lots of photographs. The adventure play ground was fantastic. He spent a good while here climbing around like a monkey. The slide made me laugh at he shot out of the end of it and landed on his bum. Here I was able to take a well earned rest.

I really enjoyed visiting the open enclosures were you could get very close to the monkeys. The ring tailed lemurs above were un moved by our presence. I got some wonderful photographs of the lovely creatures.

Another favourite was the Orang-utans. We watched a couple of babies playing with a sock for quite some time. They loved to show off at time`s mimicking the people watching them.

We also enjoyed watching the chimps and capuchin monkeys. One siamang gibbon was banging on the glass at Aaron getting quite annoyed at his presence watching him.
Monkey world ( ape rescue centre ) is a great day out for all. Proceeds go towards helping the monkeys. To learn more visit www.monkeyworld.org

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