Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Big Thank You to Francis from Hope House Hospice for today. We travelled down to the Wirral today to put flower`s on the grave for all my babies. I have lost quite a few over the year`s, two over the last 12 mths, which had taken its toll on my health. .
I had a shock when we arrived as the head stone had been put back on the grave after over a year of waiting. It broke my heart to see the photographs of two very special boys starring out from the marble stone. The stone is very nice.
Aaron placed flowers on the grave for his lost brothers. Daniel, Callum and in memory of yo5 and Tinkerbell ( little Bill ) and the other little ones I have lost over the years.
Thanks for the talk today Francis. Working in the mental health for many years Francis is a good judge of character and offers good advice on matters of the heart. Like everyone no one can believe how cruel some people can be at a time like this. Witnessed by many people in my company over last few days. It is very scary how people can change personality like the weather.

RIP Little Ones
Safe in the arms of Jesus.
May God forgive certain people.
Yes I no what I have to do.
But will find it hard when I care for other people like I do.
Time to think of Me for a change instead of feeling sorry for others who certainly don't deserve me feeling sorry for them.

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