Friday, October 2, 2009

Mental Illness Awareness Sept 09

Depression Hurts Symbol
Counselling and Psychotherapy
Part 1
Having always taken an interest in mental disability and mental psychology disorders. I have recently started to train in counselling and psychotherapy. I have trained in these subjects previous but not as in depth as the courses I will be taking over the next 3 yrs which will lead to a diploma in the subject leaving me as a fully qualified counsellor and psychotherapist.
I have also trained in the past in child psychology another subject I will be taking up again in the future.
Having gained experience with children with mental disorder`s and also with adults with depressive illness including manic depression, schizophrenia and suicidal tendency's, I felt it was time to put my experience into helping others combat there illness and fears.
Having been through so many different experiences in my life which at times have been horrific I have always amazed those working closely with me by having the ability not to become depressed and to as they say bounce back into learning from my experiences and seeing a positive light at the end. I am a very positive person.
Thankfully Aaron also has the positive attitude inside him and the skills to overcome many things in his life and learns from them too.
I hope to be able to pass on the good factor and positive vibes to other people whom have problems to enable them to bounce back like me and look on the bright side of their lives.
My moto is you only live once so make the most of it. If you spend your life feeling down and miserable, I see that as a waste of your life.
What is the point of wasting what we have left on this earth ? Life can be harsh and very cruel at times which myself and my family have sadly found out.
" Yes " you feel sad at times and cry at times but your tears and your sadness cant change things. What has happened has happened, you never forget but have to learn to live with your pasted the best way you can.
I am really enjoying the course which is a OCN level 1 and have already learnt lot`s about how to help others but also about myself.
In life you need a positive attitude most of the time. A depressive living with a positive attitude person will stay healthy minded due to the vibes from the positive person.
Only in the company of depressive people and volatile argumentative behaviour the depression will begin to service. Sadly another factor with depression is it runs in family`s and is in the genetics and temperament of some people especially those whom have repeated bouts over the years.
I have recently looked into the effects of severe depressive illness and the consequences of what can happen. One sad factor is how the mind can be taken over by another person manipulating and putting thoughts into the mind of the person with the illness. Being with a person often this is a jealous relative of such capabilities can effect the depressive person for years. The depressive person knows no better and is powerless to repond to the reality in his / her life. The manipulating person therefore gains control eventually destroying there future happiness and their life. I found this reading heartbreaking. Its a factor of co dependency where a depressive cant cope with life therefore lives his / her life through others minds and thoughts.
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