Friday, April 17, 2009

The Marble Church & Bodelwyddan Castle

Firstly today we drove into Prestayn to take a look at the market place. Next stop was Bodelwyddan Castle.

Here we viewed a wonderful home and ex boarding school. Aaron took the quiz which he finished in record time.

The house was decorated with wonderful pictures and furniture. One painting fascinated us, it was the painting of a lady from one side of the room her foot was pointing towards you as you walked across the room the foot moved and followed you also. Aaron was intrigued in finding out why this was happening and went into detective Aaron mode. But there was no explanation except it was down to the way the painting was made in which the foot stands out like decoupage on the canvass

We moved through the house in the hall we came across a chair made of stag deer horns bit sad as none of us agree with hunting and can not see how anyone can chase a defenceless animal to it as death and actually enjoy it ????? Just think for a minute how frightened the animal would be. Barbaric

Following the tour we went up the main stairway. At the top of the stairway was a beautiful bedroom with such pretty colouring. Next was the computer and interactive rooms. Here Aaron enjoyed the computers looking up information on Henry the Eight. Watching both Billy and Aaron they were both looking up the same the queens who had there heads chopped off charming. In this area Aaron also took to dressing up in old fashioned costumes.

Upstairs was an attic room filled with old fashioned games we stayed here for quite sometime as it was very interesting. The head on the table was a giggle. Also in the attic was the display of the old boarding school. A bedroom was set out along with wall displays.

Bodelwyddan Castle was a very interesting place to visit as we made our way down stair s to walk the grounds.

Outside it was just as dramatic. The building was very beautiful and in lovely condition. The grounds were mainly sheep and lamb paddocks with the exception of the children's playground which had adventure theme. Aaron and Billy had a good time here. The views were also lovely across from the front of the castle the old marble church could be seen in the distance.

Upon leaving we decided to visit the Marble church of St. Margaret. This is a beautiful church, both Aaron and I enjoy visiting Church's we always leave a pray for both Daniel and Callum in the pray book. This church was no exception Aaron wrote in the book a pray or his lost brothers. The building itself was very unusual being built of marble and was truly beautiful place of worship. As it got dark we headed back to Presthaven.

To visit this beautiful Historic House please look further using the link below
For more imformation on the Marble Church click link below

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