Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Alton Towers April 09

On a mixed day of weather we headed off to Alton Towers for a fun filled day at the fair. Taking a freshly made picnic with us. Reaching our destination we headed for the mono rail which drops you at the main entrance.

We first visited Story Book Land before heading up to Alton Manor. Here we went on Hex. Entering the manor the story begins. It tells of the lord of the Manor cursed by a witch along with a fallen branch of the oak tree. The last part of the Hex experience is entering a vault. Here you are strapped in then the room starts to spin and the large swing boat swings very high. It is a weird experience with the gravity of the ride fixing you back into your seat.

Next stop was Ug Land. The newish ride Rita is held here. This is a very fast roller coaster which reaches speeds of the rocket. We stayed here for a whist sitting on he outskirts of the ride eating our yummy picnic.

After our fill we headed through the gardens to the other side of the park. Next ride was the Battle Galleons At Mutiny Bay. Both Aaron and I went on this whilst Billy watched and took photographs ( I think he new what would happen if he cam on this ride. ) Aaron and I were soaked being fired at from everywhere even so it was fantastic fun. We then walked up to the Heave Ho Pirate ship we all went on this ride. Next Aaron and Billy rode on the Marauder`s Mayhem which is a gun barrel waltzer ride. I took time out on this one left the boys to it. These pair had a fab time getting dizzy.
The new attration to the park is in this area.Sharkbait Reef. This is a smaller version of Blue Planet with its sharks and sting rays. Some of the alt water Coral fish are very pretty in here. There were also hands on activity's which included a crab tank and shrimps. Aaron really enjoyed the shrimp tank. He placed his hands in the tank and the shrimps busied around cleaning all the dead skin and muck from his hands. We also saw star fish and sea horses in this area. Some of the species Blue Planet hasn't got very pretty and colourful. Th one that caught my eye most was a chocolate chip cookie star fish. We took our time here as there was plenty to see.

Next we headed for the water rapids Billy stuck on his water proofs for this one and it was a good job he did as he was the one this time that got the soaking. We had great fun on this ride, next we went on the run a way train 3 times we all love this ride and I have fond memories of Daniel on here. As he loved it too.

Next stop was the log flume. We all got a good soaking on here this time. We had a wonderful day out yet again. The day was over far to quickly as we headed home via Shrewsbury.

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