Sunday, April 26, 2009

Whittington Castle & Ellesmere Walk April 09

Up and out on a bright Sunday morning, after visiting the car boots we headed to Whittington Castle.
Whittington Castle is one of the fortresses along the English and Welsh boarder. It was held by the Marcher Lords and was the base for defence against the Welsh throughout the 12th and 13th centuries, when it became the residence of the Fitzwarine family.
The castle has been in ruins for many years before being taken over by the Whittington Castle Preservation Trust.
The castle is being gradually renovated with the help of the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The grounds of the castle are looking well, with the moat filled with water a home for many species of water fowl.

After looking around and watching the living history actors we retired to the tea rooms for a cuppa and cake. Aaron bacon toasties and hot chocolate. Before leaving we had a look around the book shop and castle shop. Below is a link for more info on the castle.

Next stop was Ellesmere. Parking up at the Mere we got Fred out of the car and took him for a long walk around the lake. We stopped off at the park and had a play on the swings for a short while. Before continuing our walk.
Ellesmere has always been an important settlement ever since those clever ancient Britons found that the magnificent glacial Mere was an ideal place for some genuine rest and relaxation. A place for a spot of fishing, gentle boat rides and looking at the views and wildlife around the Mere.

The Mere is natural around 19 meters deep with a layer of clay and sandstone underneath. The Mere is a legacy created by the retreating ice age and subsequent melt water some 10,000 years ago (global warming). It is the largest of 9 meres and moses to be found in this landscape. Covering an area of about 70 football pitches.

We had a lovely walk around the lake apart from the mass of midgie flies that were around in there millions. Afterwards we relaxed with a cornet of ice cream as a treat. Below are some web site links to look at :-
Aaron's, Nana had a nice time at the Mere today remembering her childhood.
My mum, Aaron`s Nana, lived NR Ellesmere for a few years as a child. During the war she was evacuated as a child to the area. She lived in Bagley on a farm for quite a few years and returned to stay for a while in her teens. She has a few friends in the area that she is still in contacted with.

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