Friday, April 17, 2009

Conwy Castle Fantastic Views April 09

We were all looking forward to the visit to this medieval castle. Conwy castle is maintained by CADWR which we are all members. People who are resident in Wales receive discount on membership.

This castle is huge, part of it walls run all the way around Conwy which have protected the town in the past. Inside the castle which is intact in parts stands many a place to explore. We went up the towers and down the dungeons. visiting stately rooms and the old chapels.

The best parts were up the towers were they high. This castle visit is certainly not for the faint hearted. We climbed up high to the top towers, looking down it was scaring high up front the ground but well worth it for the views across Conwy and beyond. The photographs are just some of the fantastic view please see on line photo albums for more.

Conwy castle is an amazing place to visit and we would all really recommend it, but please be aware there are many steep stairways and the height of some of the towers is scary in itself.

The lower parts of the castle are full of interesting walk ways and many rooms to explore.

Conwy is a place with many hidden historical relics that you would miss if you didn't no about them. We all would recommend a visit to this fascinating North Wales Coastal Town.

Links to web sites of interest - Ths castle is well worth a visit

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