Friday, April 17, 2009

The Smallest House In Britain Conwy

Standing at the side of the harbour a small dainty house stands. A lone Welsh lady dressed in the welsh national costume stands guarding the smallest house in Great Britain. At a bargain price of a £1 you can look inside this dainty house.

Inside a small living room can be seen very compacted with a cast iron fire place and a number of picture upon the walls. A loft style ladder is near to the entrance door which leads to the upper part of the house. Here a bed Can be seen along with a chamber pot.

The house was condemned in 1900 unfit for humane habitation. The last known person to live in the house was a local fisherman who was said to be 6ft 4ins ??.

This little house is well worth a visit if visiting Conwy a not to be missed.
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