Saturday, September 3, 2011

Camping Holiday Rhayader

Recently we visited to beautiful welsh town of Rhayader which is situated in Mid Wales. Rhaeadr Gwy, which means waterfall on the Wye. The town of water, with it being the first town on the River Wye. Rhayader is a beautiful little town with many walking paths and wonderful relaxing scenery. Rhayader is the oldest town in Mid Wales, dating back to the 5th century, although Neolithic remains show people have been here far longer than this date. Firstly we set up camp at Wyeside a cmap site we have visited a few times in the past.
Aaron and Simon were keen to get the boat on the river as you can see from the photo`s. Aaron found the water a wee bit cold !
After they got fed up with the boat and Aaron had a hot shower and some dry clothes put on we headed off along the river path to give Fred a run. Aaron took his mountain bike jumping over logs in the woods.
Tea time cam and Hattie held host to a lovely meal in the big camper van we all sat around the table chatting away. We had a lovely time.
Whilst in Rhayader we visited the kites as story piece below, we went for many walks along thedifferent pathways,we visited the town looking around the shops and also wnet for a drive to Elan Valley.
Elan Valley is a place not to be missed when visiting Rhayader it is very beautiful with dams, reservoirs, rivers, streams and stunning landcape all around.
All to soon are days of camping were over and we headed back home before hand packing up the tent I was stung bya wasp ? Not good with being allergic to them. Not panicing helped although poor Aaron was in bits. Sitting down and taking antiallergy tablets straight away helped. Also I was lucky as it stung me on my knee into a bone even so the allergic reaction was rapid. My knee was three times bigger in seoconds. With nettle like lumps heading up and down my leg and large red viens leading off. We waited Aaron armed with adrenlin ready to take action if the allergy got worse. After a minute the allergy tablets started to take effect and I new I was out of danger. Giving everyone a scare Hattie piped up well that was pretty spectacular which it was were I was stung saved me from further complecations and not panicing and having all the medicine at hand helped a lot saved me from that horrible injection and breathing difficulties. What an end to the camping trip !

A Trip to Rhayader is never complete without a visit to Gigrin Farm, The Red Kite Feeding & Rehabilitation Centre. Within walking distance of the camp site we set off with Fred on this circular walk which takes you to the Kite Centre then for a lovely stroll back along the river which ends at the camp site. It was a glorious day Fred had a lovely time with a long rest at Gigrin Farm whilst we watched the kites being fed.

Feeding times are 2pm in the winter and 3pm in the summer. First the crows come in once the meat has been laid out for feeding. This shows the red kites the area is safe for them to feed. Some kites will swoop in and grasp the meat in their talons, before making off with the meat held tightly beneath the tail.

Others will swoop low over the crows or raven`s heads and will try to make them rise from the field with food, whereupon they can then make chase and rob the crows in mid flight.

Kites will then take meat aloft to find clear airspace, here they will eat the meat in mid air.

Girrin farm is a lovely place to visit with nature trails, picnic area`s, learning area and not forgetting the bird hides were you can watch these wonderful birds feating on the meat.

Gigrin farm became the red kite feeding station in 1993 following a request from the RSPB. The kites were roosting at Grgrin in the winter at the time and were being fed when able.

The number of kites that visit the farm has risin over the years. There now are a number of white kitwe were very lucky today to be able to witness one.

Here are a couple of links about these beautiful birds.

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