Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rockabilly Weekend April 09

Friday afternoon we headed to farm and pet to get Jingle our pony some food then the car boot at Whittington on the way back home. Billy got some lovely books for Aaron at the boot sale Aaron was thrilled when he saw them. Nana and Fred our dog were with us too. We always go to this car boot when it is on. After a look around and a cup of coffee, we headed off to pick up Aaron from school.
He was doing tests today at school and didn't he do well OUTSTANDING. He reached an age of 15 yrs on one test alone coming well above average for his ten years of age. All the tests he reached well above his age level. WELL DONE AARON We are all very proud of you. xx

After dropping Aaron and Nana off at home, Billy and I got ready to go out for the evening.
We headed down firstly stopping at Daniel and Callum`s grave to put some birds on one for each boy.
We then headed to New Brighton Perch Fort Rock. Here we had a lovely tea of fish & chips sitting near the sea front. Below are some links for information about fort perch rock :-

Next stop was Liverpool. We parked the car up and headed to meet some of our friends. After meeting up we headed to watch a Rockabilly band in a local bikers pub. The pub was packed with people who had come to see the band. We chatted and rocked the night away. The band played from rockabilly to hard rock. Singing Ace of Spades to a T. The lads & lasses in the pub are a great crowd we always have a good time here. The manager of the pub is a keen biker and has a few bikes including a Harley Davidson with Nitrous Oxide on.

After a lovely evening out we headed home getting in just after midnight.

Here our some photographs of the bands plus a link to the group on my space.

Saturday saw us all chilling out. We headed to town in the morning to get some shopping. In the afternoon we chilled watching TV snuggled up with hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream.
Aaron got his special treat in town a new DVD for doing so well in his tests.

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