Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Abbey Glastonbury Somerset Feb 09

Driving into Glastonbury we parked up in the main town car park. We headed for the high street to look around the shops. WOW what a place. The shops were fantastic hippy and witch craft right up my street. They were fascinating to look in. Aaron is into different rock formations and unique musical instruments so he had a great time looking around the shops.
Entering each the smell of incense and the unusual, magical, mystical items fascinated us all.
Here is a link for information on Glastonbury
I have always had an interest in magical mythical history and witches. Aaron also has a keen interest in mythological and history. Billy also has the same interests as us both they watch the history channel on sky together a few times a week.
We all really enjoyed looking around the shops. The hippy fantasy element of Glastonbury surly makes this town a fascinating place to visit.
The town also hosts what must be the greatest music festival in the UK. Here is a link to the web site :-

We continued our journey which took us to Glastonbury Abbey. Yet again this was another very interesting place to visit.

We strolled around listening to the story`s of medieval times the monks and the tales of King Arthur. Again this was a place of aerie peace and tranquility despite of its past some of it re - known ed for its extreme violence and poverty. the buildings are now ruins. Aaron enjoyed exploring as did Billy and I.

It was even more interesting due to the fact it was brought to life by the living history characters that told the story's around the Abbey.

We stayed here for quite some time as it was a very interesting place to visit. Towards the end of our visit to the abbey we watched as medieval bread was made. Aaron actually joined in making the dough and was shown how to test the quality of the dough for raising.
Heading back to the car we picked up some cakes from one of the fab cake shops in the town.
Here is link to the Abbey web site

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