Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chirk Bank Canal Tunnel Walk Nov 09

Waking up to sunshine we soon headed off out making the most of the weather. After some toast and juice off we went. Firstly off to the car boot sale we put on our wellies and Fred on his lead looking around the stall`s. Aaron bought yet another football top to add to his collection.
Next stop we headed to Chirk Bank, parking up at the canal small car park armed with a torch, we headed off.
Walking along the tow path we crossed the viaduct. The views are fabulous from here. Over the viaduct the next obstacle is the long dark tunnel. The canal tunnel takes you for around 1/2 a mile into pitch darkness. With little light entering from either end of the tunnel. Aaron had the torch. Poor Fred was very uneasy as we reached the middle of the tunnel Aaron had to shine the torch to show him the way. The tunnel path is very narrow with the canal on your left and a rail to keep you in line with the path. The tunnel wall is low and wet. Looking with the torch you can pick see the water stalagmite and water fossils as you walk thought it is a very educational experience and a scary one.
Reaching the north end of the tunnel we carried on along the path before turning back and taking to the country lanes. The two path is surrounded by woodland which is awash with wildlife from bird, duck and squirrels. After walking along the lanes of a mile or so we again headed back down onto the tow path and across the viaduct to head back to the car.
Both Aaron and I love walking. We are now doing what we always did on a Sunday after the car boots going off exploring and enjoying the countryside were we live. I cant emphasise enough how lucky we are living with such beautiful views around us. Below are some of our photographs. Thanks to VW David for showing us this walk.

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