Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday Christening 12th April 2009

Billy and I were up early this morning and off to the car boot sale at Chirk. Aaron decided to stay at home with his Nana to have a shower and get ready for a special event in our family later that day.

I was so glad he stayed at home as a certain individual has no respect or consideration for Aaron's feelings and continues to harass myself and a 10 yr old child to this day. Quite sick really and an embarrassment to both myself and Aaron that we actually new this person. Thankfully now that's well in the past and Aaron and I have a fun filled active life not living on edge or nerves wondering when the next eruption would be.

After walking miles and bumping in to many friends we headed home with a boot full of stuff.

12TH APRIL 2009
@ St Oswalds Church Oswestry
followed by Buffet at the Pedigree

What a lovely sunny day it was for two very special children to be christened. After parking the car we walked up to the church. Aaron in his shiny back shirt and Billy looking very hansom in his suit.
Inside we met up with the family, and took our places in the church. Aaron and Billy sat together whilst I sat at the front with Helen and Jez as I was one of the godparents.

The service was lovely although both the children cryed as they were baptised. Abbey looked stunning in her pretty pink & yellow flowery dress as did Conner in his black shirt and tie. A few days earlier we visited Helen. Aaron and I played with the kids, when it was time for us to leave both Abbey and Conner put on there shoes and coats demanding to come home with us.

It lovely playing with them but so nice to be able to hand them back at the end, as there such a handful.

We took a few photo`s in the church before leaving. ( above Aaron with a headache at the font to many young children for him to handle ) We then headed to the Pedigree on the outer limits of the town. It had been a while since I visited this pub.
WANT A LAUGH read on
( The last time was a works Christmas Party when I had such a laugh at a drunken idiot exposing himself at the dinner table in front of Mandy Wood and Maureen Wilde ( the community counsellor ) and many other people. Shame I didn't have a fork in my hand at the time. Thankfully I don't have to put with that sort of behaviour anymore. )

Anyway at the Pedigree we all sat down to a lovely hot buffet which we all enjoyed and a few drinks before heading home to a nice cup of tea.
A very pleasant day and I am very proud to be a godmother thank you Helen and Jez for creating to very special children. xx

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