Friday, April 17, 2009

Aberconwy House & The Harbour Conwy

At the harbour we sat and ate our lunch. Seagulls and pigeons flew around us waiting for a crumb to drop so they could swoop down and take their fill. From the harbour you could see the castle in the distance.
The fishing boats sat in the harbour as the sea surrounded them the view was relaxing.
After lunch we headed to Aberconwy house. Aberconwy is a National Trust House. Being National Trust members we can visit it for free.

We first headed up to the top room to watch a short film about the property. This house is the oldest surviving property in Conwy.

Its wood beamed ceiling and wooden creaking floors hold century`s of history. The house was a one time owned by a sea captain, it became a hotel and a bakery at some time before falling into dis repair and being handed over to the national trust in the 1930`s.

It was big to look around but interested us all in how you could step back in time to witness how people lived in the past. The house today is in fantastic condition thanks to the National Trust.

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