Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Boat That Rocked Odean Cinema Romantic Trip

Aaron went out for the day to his girlfriend Amy. Billy and I decided to do a two for one orange and go off to the cinema in Wrexham.

We went to watch the film ` The Boat That Rocked `. The film is about pirate radio in the 1960`s. It was a really good film which we would both recommend. It was lovely sitting in the cinema snuggled up together.

Afterwards we headed to Tesco`s to the cafe for some tea. We then had a look around the huge Tesco Shop buying some odds & ends we needed.

Aaron also had a nice day with Amy strolling in at nearly 10pm dirty stop out. He was soon asleep shattered after his day out with the girls.

Below are links to the web site of The Boat That rocked and also a link to a trailer from the film

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