Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Me by Aaron

Aaron McHugh
On September 9 1998 at 11.07 pm I was born.
I didn't have any teeth or hair.
My favourite toy was a bouncer. It was my first.

I had 4 friends in playschool Lawrence Wood, Frank Bonada, Jamie Quick and Jamie Hammond.
My mum is called Lesley, My step dad is called Billy.
Lesley is 42, Billy is 47.
My nan is called Dorothy. She is 79.
Billy is my step dad

My first abroad holiday was in Finland. We went to see Santa but I knew he wasn't real. We went to a sledging hill where there was loads of people. When we were going down we threw snowballs at the elf's.
In are room it was so hot that we were in are under pants. Lesley ate reindeer.
One of Lesley's Friends called Linda Lewis came with us to Finland and we went on a reindeer ride where the sledge is practically ground level. Linda got stuck on the sledge and we couldn't get her off. We were going threw the woods and Linda was behind us waddling after us when Lesley shouted " look out Kids its the Yeti "

When I was a toddler I grew out of my bouncer and got interested in TV.
Thomas the tank engine and the Tweenies were my favourite shows.
When I was a toddler I started school. Callum smith showed me around Llangedwyn school.

I am now 10. My full name is Aaron Matthew Callum Mchugh. In school my friends are Amy Bott, Lawrence wood, Callum Smith, Michael Hammond, Josh Clarke, Jake Garland and Lee but Lee is not in school.

One time I went to see the old Liverpool players play Manchester united at Wrexhams stadium. Liverpool won 4-2.
I got an autograph from Phil Neal.

I support Liverpool. Liverpool have a red kit and a stadium called Anfield. There players are:

Fernando Torres, Dirk Kuyt, Ryan Babel.

Steven Gerrard, Lucas Leiva, Albert Riera, Yossi Benayoun, Javier Mascherano, El Zhar, Xavi Alonso.

Jamie Carragher, Martin Skrtel, Avarlo Arbelo, Fabio Aurelio, Sami Hyypia, Daniel Agger, Phillip Degan. The main goalkeeper is Pepe Reina.

My first pets were called Brandy and Rebel ( Alsations ) Judy ( Well Sausage Dog ).
I have a Dog called Fred. He is a golden Cocker Spaniel.
I have a cat called sooty.
I have a rat called Bart
I have a parrot called Jake.
I have Two goldfish called Kipper & Flipper.
I have a horse called jingle

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