Friday, April 17, 2009

Bronze Age Copper Mine Great Orme April 09

Half way up the Great Orme is the site of the bronze age copper mines. A place not to be missed as it is said to be the oldest mine in the world. Here we learnt about how copper was mined over 3500 years ago.

After watching a short film we headed into the old mine with its narrow passages and clay walls. Along the tunnels were displays of the old mines and how it was run children mined this area as the passages were very small for there slink figures to get into at time. We followed the mine passages underground for a mile or so before reaching daylight again.

Next we visited the open cast mine this again had many small caverns were children worked to gain a living. Children as young as 9 - 10 yrs old are said to have worked at the mine. Next stop was the smelting works were a display showed the way the copper is smelted down. The copper mines was again a very interesting place to visit. Aaron loved to explore the caverns learning as he went along.

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