Friday, April 17, 2009

Plas Mawr Elizabethan Town House Conwy

This was another old property standing in the centre of Conwy. Plas Mawr is maintained by CADWR. CADWR is the Welsh Heritage Organisation helping to maintain many old building and castles throughout Wales. Living in Wales it is Free for children to join and a reduce cost is given for adult residents of Wales, both Billy and I our members of CADWR. After paying a yearly subscription you can visit many places free of charge as with CADWR you receive many discount and free entry to place throughout England.

Plas Mawr is a large Elizabethan House standing up a main street in Conwy. It doesn't look very big from the outside but inside it is like a tardies. On entry you walk into the large hall with it wooden decor the tour starts in this room.

It is an exciting house to explore next we visited the kitchen area this was one of my favourite room in the house. You stepped back in time as you walked upon the the grassy reed lad upon the floor to resemble the covering laid over what was once a floor of clay and moss, the reeds were laid to keep in the warmth of the underfoot. The old cast open fire and the smell of fresh veg filled the room also. Next to this room was the pantry yet another room which took you back in time to an Elizabethan kitchen. Animals were hanging ready to be cooked for the residents banquet the following day.

The other room upon the ground floor were drawing rooms were the ladies retired for the day to chat away and do embroidery.

A back door way lead us to the garden and the well area. There was a lovely herb garden at the top. The gardens were set out and maintained beautifully.

Aaron was eager to look around more, we took to the stairs, first coming across the main bedroom with its wall covered in moulding and coats of arms. Next we were ushered of to the attic area of the house. What a room part of it ran the length of the house. It was a magnificent area with views of the castle that were breathtaking. The other room here was a bedroom set out to show how the maids of the house lived.

We made our way back down the stair way reaching the other bedrooms next to the master bedroom. One was the servants room with its shabby covers, this room was so the servant could be called upon if needed during the night, next to it was the lady of the houses room here she could sleep eat and relax to her own desire.

We were then lead to a huge entertaining hall that was massive wooden floors creaked as you walked which showed the age of the old house, we sat here for a short while for a rest before continuing our journey.

A display was set out in the next three rooms some interactive which Aaron enjoyed. Next we visited the watch tower high at the top of the house. It was like entering a light house without the lamp. The views again were stunning you can see more photos on the on line photo albums well worth a look.

We headed back down the stairway which lead us back to the main entrance which concluded out tour of this beautiful Elizabethan House.

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