Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend Trip To The Cotswolds April 09

After loading the camper we hit the road. Heading for the motorway the sun shone beaming down on us. We headed down the M54 / M6 / M5 / M42 / M40 towards Oxford.

We reached our destination in good time stopping off a couple of times to give Fred & Nana a wee.

We pulled up outside the home of our Aunt Pat. Recently her husband and our Uncle Ian sadly died of cancer. The funeral / celebration of his life was later this day. Pat lives in the beautiful village of Longhanbrough in the Cotswold.

Pat was pleased to see us, along with all of our cousins.

The funeral went well he had a really good send off and had promised me earlier to look after my boys in heaven. As his coffin was entering the crematorium a lone piper played the bagpipes, this was a touching scene. The services was a celebration of his life. Ian was a proud Scot from the Isle of Sky Scotland. He had travelled the world in his early days with the army where he married my Aunt Pat in Singapore many years ago. He retired living back on the Isle of Sky for many years before coming to Oxford due to family commitments. He had lived in Oxford for many years and gained many extended family in the area. The service was packed with people form far and wide.

After the service we headed for tea and sandwiches at the local hall. There were many of our relatives here. Aaron had a great time playing with all his cousins. As it got dark we headed back to Pats were we were staying.

Some family followed us back for a drink and chat. Reece who Aaron gets on really well with decided to stay and his Nana`s for the night with Aaron. Aunt Pat and Our Nana Dotty chatted for hours before collapsing to bed. Billy and I decided on the peaceful option kipping in the camper for the night with Fred the Dog.

In the morning after a cooked breakfast the family gathered again. We said our byes to Aunt Carol, Uncle Jim, Uncle Dennis and Gail who headed off early.

Billy and I then headed off for a walk in the countryside with Fred our dog we were followed by a trail of children. Poor Fred got no peace but enjoyed the fuss. The Cotswold's in a very beautiful place to live with its pretty cottages, villages and views across the countryside. We all walked across the fields before heading for the park. Here all the children played for a while before walking back through the village.

Angie our cousin came a little later, we sat in the garden watching the children on the trampoline and playing in the garden. We caught up on all the gossip. Everyone loved Billy he is such a charming, kind, and handsome man. They were all happy to see Aaron and I with a happy pleasant man for a change he went down a treat.

After a while we decided to head for home as our other animals were being cared for by a neighbour. After many hugs kisses and goodbyes from lots of family were headed off in our VW. On the way back we stopped off for a treat at KFC.

Despite a funeral we had a lovely weekend and that is what our Uncle Ian would have wanted. For more photographs please see on line photo albums Easter Holidays.

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