Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Monday The Horse Shoe Pass Llangollen

Easter Monday took us all on our travels up the Horse Shoe pass just outside Llangollen. With it fabulous views of rough open welsh countryside. We settled down to a cup of tea in the cafe, before visiting the bikes outside. We looked around and watched the bike safe video, the welsh motorbike ride safe police team held a display at the top of the pass outside the Pondarosa cafe.

We chatted to the policeman for a while before moving on. Also there was the once round bike team.

The helicopter taking people on pleasure flights was flying around at the back of the cafe today. After a look around the shop we moved on to Ruthin. There is a lovely fish and chip shop here, we all had a yummy dinner of fish and chips before heading to our holiday destination.

Motorbike Safety campaign BIKE SAFE - Free Bike Safe Workshops

Call - Paul Cheshire 07990634234

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