Friday, April 10, 2009

The Friesen Horses 9th April 2009 My Birthday

Thanks to everyone whom sent birthday messages. I got quite a few along with some lovely presents and lots of money for me to spend.

Today we were up early heading to Liverpool for yet another funeral. This time it was Billy`s Uncle John whom also died of cancer recently.

Firstly we stopped off at McDonald's in Greasby for a coffee we then headed to the boys grave placing a bunch of fresh tulip`s to brighten it up. We also tidy ed the grave up. We are looking forward to the stone being placed back on as it will be a loving tribute to both Callum, Daniel & my dad. A family grave were in the future we will all be together again.

It was soon time to head for Liverpool, we were a little early so we went for a drive around the Southport District country side before heading to Billy`s Uncle Johns home NR Southport. Here we meet up with the family.

We headed to the church early to find Billy`s mum. She then stayed with us for the rest of the service. A lovely service was held at the church before a horse drawn carriage took Uncle John to his place of burial. It was a touching feature of the service.

Afterwards we all headed to a club for a chat and a drink. The buffet was lovely. We stayed for some time chatting away with family and friends before heading home.

Billy had a lovely bottle of wine waiting to celebrate my birthday which we are doing all Easter.

The horses were beautiful Black Friesen`s from Holland.
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