Monday, September 30, 2013

The Birks Of Aberfeldy

Birks of Aberfeldy is accessed just up the road from Aberfeldy. The walk is approx 2 miles long.
Walking into the Scottish wilderness is the only way to describe this walk.
Parking up in the carpark we headed up the path towards the falls.
The walk is on a circular path which takes you high up the mountains and back down again.
The paths take you through a series of beautiful ravines and waterfalls.
The path was steep in parts bringing me to my knees with shortness of breath. I hate having breathing problems being Astmatic with cronic lung diesease is a pain in the arse at times especially when you love to explore. Luckily it only seems to effect me up and down hills. The latter coming down hills my knee due to motorbike crash were broke my leg in several places. Sheer determination drove me forward I will not give in to my battered body when I want to explore.
Reaching the top of the falls you step onto a wooden bridge high above the revine crossing the fall.
Walking down the other side you see many views of different water falls. Another place were the magic of the fairy dell  springs to mind.
The views along here were ever so pretty.
Along the downward path the walk relates to Burns and how the Birks of Alberfeldy brought inspiration to his works.
This was a delightful walk but quite steep. I am no crippled with pain my lower body is failing to respond to my brain when I ask it to. Worth a wander up and down but make sure you do the whole if the walk so you miss nothing.

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