Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Mountain Pass

Well shear terror springs to mind never follow a sat nav or back seat drivers holding the map.
Driving to Kemmore based in the perimeters of Perthshire & Kinross the sat nav says right turn ahead asking the back seat driver is that thing right "yes" he says.
Signs ahead make me stop ahead un passable in bad weather. Another of my back seat and passenger drives bleat out carry on it will be OK ! Famous last words, the road ahead stretches out 10 miles +. Twists and turns lay ahead with heavenly meet your maker drops and dismal moor land leading for miles and miles should the fog begin to settle lower and lower upon the rugged landscape.
Now the back seat drivers are beginning to panic two vacate the car and start running ahead whilst the other clings on for grim life rattling on how we can never trust a sat nav.
A few words spring to my mind told you all so.
Another hair pin bend springs up as we head higher and higher into the mountains. The views if anything are truly stunning along with the colourful sheep and many varieties at that.
The two back seat driver boys jog on ahead making sure my lovely new car which has been babied and treated with kid gloves comes to no harm.
A lass up yonder the road begins to fall ahead heading down with never ending steep drops towards the loch at the bottom. Are journey is thankfully complete. I can breath again and the blood pressure lowers.
You can find this road by travelling from Kenmore Country Club passing through the small village of Kenmore turning right and then immediately left up the steep winding road up the Sma Glen through Amulree heading towards Crieff. If you have the nerve to tackle the road it is well worth it. The winding road has beautiful breathtaking scenery that surrounds you from one end to the other even if my passengers got out and walked.

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