Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kenmore Perthshire Scotland

What a beautiful place to visit set just north of Loch Tay Kenmore is an unspoilt village surrounded by the most wonderfully stunning countryside you will ever see.
Mountains surround  the Loch raising high into the clouds. The mist rolls in at times leaving the tops of the mountains smoothed like they have been covered with a layer of cotton wool.
Other times the cold dark rain clouds move in darkening the sky's as they try with might to raise above the mountains. Many can not  make it and spill there contents with lashings of heavy rain. As the rain hits the loch it bounces at the waters edge.
The village is tiny with just a shop pub and church. There are many walks all around you some not so heavy on the legs were you can wander and take in the lush green clean air that the Scottish highlands off you.
We are staying in a very pretty cottage to the side of the Loch. With wonderful views all around as you can see.

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