Sunday, September 22, 2013

Drayton Manor Rainy Day Return

Well the rainy day return went really well. Off we trotted off to Drayton Manor Park once again as the park gave us a free rainy day return pass. 
The dare devils were at it again. Angela our dear friend not backing down for any ride. We all went on the rides getting soaking wet on the lifeboats and the canyon ride. The roller coaster were mega fun too. G force was mega wicked as we turned upside down doing loop the loop at very low speed. Simon put his foot down and banned me from going on any more after G force. The colour had drained from my face leaving me deathly white. On the verge of faint. It was a good call he made. 
We wandered about the park going on some slower rides  the river ride was a nice relaxing one as we watched the pirate scenes before us. After a pit stop at the cafe with the company of wasps. Yes they are officially a pain in the arse at this time of year. Next we headed to the zoo to mellow out. After a quick wander about the three hooligans wanted more of an adrenaline rush. 
Off they went again on the spinning rides which I was defiantly banded from.
All in all we had a fantastic day as it came to an end. Drayton Manor is very much recommended not to be missed.  

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