Thursday, September 12, 2013

Feel Good Make up Tips : Avon Rep

If you are feeling stressed or anxious, choose softer colours for your eyes, lips and cheeks such as greys, neutrals  beige`s  soft pastels and pale pinks. These exude a gentle energy that will make you feel calmer.
To appear mysterious and alluring go for smoky grey mauve and plum eye shadows.
For maximum impact wear red lipstick. This will make people focus more on what you are saying. This is great for interviews and presentations.
If you are feeling tired apply reds or oranges to your lips and cheeks. Also purples to your eyes. These are energizing colours that will boost your confidence and appeal.

Tips for your gems. Even subtle touches such as a bracelet or pair of earrings can enhance positive energy. Ideally choose crystals as these are already imbued with natural five element energies.
Here are some Feng Shui jewellery tips :
Colours  -
Greens to reduce anxiety. This colour alleviates worry and has a balancing effect on the emotions.
Golds yellows and other earthy tones to ground you.
Reds oranges and pinks to boost confidence. Red and pink jewellery to enhance attractiveness to others. ( Pick pieces set with coral ruby red garnet or rose quartz )
Silver and sparkly jewels to enhance creativity and fun.
Turquoise jewellery will calm you enhance your intuition and express yourself better especially if you have an interview.

Jewel Shapes -
Round shapes and curves such as pendants round earrings and braclets and simple rings gor stability good energy and extra sensuality.
Triangular and spike shaped adornments for more energy.
Avoid if you are stressed as they can make you restless.
Vertical lines such as drop earrings and long necklaces to uplift you.
Good during times of change.

Hope you have enjoyed some of these make up and jewellery tips.
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