Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sweetheart Abbey At New Abbey Village

I just had to see this place with such a wonderful name. The old mysterious romantic named Abbey is set in the very pretty village of New Abbey.
We walked through the old ruins wondering how life was back in the days when the place was of whole.
It is quite a big Abbey with high walls. Over time the upper sections of the Abbey have corroded with time leaving only the imagination to see how they would have been.
below is a link with history detail about this wonderfully named Abbey.


After visiting the Abbey we went for a wander through the village in which this historic landmark stands. The village is such a lovely relaxing place to wander through with pretty quainter cottages blooming with pretty coloured flowers and surreal flowering hanging baskets.
A monument to human and divine love Sweetheart Abbey was named for its founder Lady Dervorgilla who was buried here with the embalmed heart of her beloved husband. War inflicted much damage to the buildings. But the abbey church with stone effigy of the founder services almost intact.
Set in New Abbey Village on the A710 postcode DG2 8BU

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