Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Caerlaverrock Castle Scottish Boarders

Owned by Scottish Heritage and set in beautiful grounds this sure  was a fairytale castle.
Many years ago the castle was attacked by the kings men. Them there living in the castle at the time were determined to keep there castle safe from the enemy. After 3 days of holding the enemy at bay they were forced to surrender after they castle roof fell in after being bombarded with rocks catapulted into walls and roof. The fate of the  tenants was now in the hands of the king. Should they live or die? I am glad to say they lived.
The castle today is much a ruin but a fairly good ruin.
Surrounded by a pretty little moat with long luscious weeds and purple Scottish thistles. The castle is central with draw bridge to the front.
You can wander freely within the ruins with many doorways leading to a maze of empty rooms with many having a touch of mediaeval times upon the stone work.
To the back of the castle is a fairy glen pathway leading through the woods upon reaching the less plantation part of the wood the remains of another moat lies again at the centre sits this time sadly the floor plans of yet an older castle which has fallen over time archaeologist found these remains some time ago.
The surrounding woodland connecting these two ancient places of time is truly magical giving way to your imagination. Very inspiring and very beautiful.
Time for a cuppa I think with my mind wandering thinking of a children's story I could write and tell. Another Time using some photographs I took at a lower level I will let my imagination run away and tell a wee tale. Wait and see.
Well worth a visit and free for all those with CADW welsh heritage cards.

The epitome of the moated medieval stronghold Caerlaverock great triangular defences guard the Solway shore. This site has had a turbulent past. In 1300 its 60 strong garrison was defeated by Edward 1's vast English Army siege.
Despite the castle's rugged appearance its walls conceal a stunning renaissance residence of the 1640's. Today at the castle visitors can enjoy  siege warfare exhibition a children's play area and a trial through the woodland to the remains of the older castle. You can see bluebells in spring dragonflies and wild flowers in summer and barnacle geese in the winter.
A truly magical castle remains set 8 miles SE from Dumfries on the B725  Postcode DG1 4RU owned by Historic Scotland.

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