Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Hens Lay Yummy Eggs

These are our lovely chicken they all have names of course Red, Buster, Betty, Clara, Hattie, Hettie, Suzie, Maud, Kylie, Vera, Mavis, Hilda, Flo and Lucy. 
The girls are good layers, we sell the eggs at the front of the shop. They are in the brightly coloured cool box. They cost £1 for ( 6 ) 1/2 dozen and £2 for the ( 12 ) dozen . There is a little box to put the money in so please feel free to help yourself.
The money goes towards feeding the animals that live with us. 
The eggs are selling well, we are selling out from time to time. Lots of people have commented how nice the eggs are they are all shapes and sizes. Some of you may have seen on facebook. One of our hens layed a fairy egg recently Aaron was thrilled with this it was only 4cm off the world record. We also get huge eggs these make me think I am glad I am not a hen! 
The chickens are very happy as you can see they are all friendly. They tend to follow Simon around which is quite funny to watch I have christened them his ha-ream.
Like my title says :- 
Happy Hens Lay Yummy Eggs 
please feel free to come and try some :)

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