Monday, September 23, 2013

Dewar`s World Of Whiskey

Here you can discover the Spirit of Dewar's. Sited just in the boarders of Aberfeldy. This is the Dewar Distillery in Scotland.
This tour is every whisky lovers dream. It is the perfect whisky experience in the heart of the highlands.
The Dewart distillery takes you on an extraordinary journey telling the tale if John Dewar and sons.
Since 1898 the stills at Aberfeldy Distillery have produced a beautifully balanced single malt whisky which lies at the heart of Dewers multi award winning premium blends.
The words of Tommy Dewar ring around in your heads ' Minds are like parachutes they only function when they're open'
Tommy Dewar was the youngest son of our founder John. He was a pioneer a maverick and a raconteur.
Within the tour you can discover more about his wit wisdom and determination of this extraordinary man whose spirit continues to inspire the company to this day.
The tour starts with a short film before you enter the old fashioned working room complete with plans upon the desk. There is also a blending room where the whisky blends are made. The master blender holds all the secrets to how the whisky tastes.
There is plenty to see and do in the museum of the Dewar history. Very interesting. The last part of this part of the tour is tasting of the Whisky. I chose Dewar's 12 quite a sweet taste which certainly warms your cockles.
Another popular modern day saying I fondly remember and here today is...
May your empty glass always be full.
& A happy man is one that can still smile when is his glass is empty.
Moving along you can now enter the distillery where the whisky is made. It is quite smelly in the building as you wander through learning how the old dram scotch  is made from mashing the barley to fermenting bins at different stages. We were allowed to sniff each stage. From a strong smell of barley as its mixed with yeast and water the smell is overtaken by the alcoholic content. Next the huge vats which can hold 70% alcohol  which is separates the good stuff from the bad. Much of the waste is used again the earlier waste from the mashing goes off to feed the cows. Nothing seems to be wasted.
The big distillery vats brew the alcohol to high temperature it is done in stages.
Once ready for storing the whisky is then stored in huge oak barrels
All dated and signed which whisky it is. The barrels are stored for many years 12 years at least. There are many in store. Over the years the Whisky evaporates 1/2 barrel to less and less in the barrel hence why the whisky is dearer the older it gets. 
The monks in previous times where convinced the whisky was being stolen but when they could not find the culprit they blamed the angels. Nowadays the whisky that evaporates is called the angel's share.
The tour was really good we all learnt a lot and really enjoyed it. The shop was really interesting also with many different whiskeys for sale.

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