Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Glencoe has a unforgiving landscape. Its here that walkers, nature watches and visitors visit every year. From harsh unforgiving seasons from snowy peaks and low lands the land awash with ice and snow to the summer months were the sun glistens bouncing off the mountain peaks shadowing on the glistening locks.
The slaughter of the Scottish Macdonald glan in the 1600's is what the glen is most famous for. At 5am in the morning where the Macdonald clan lived west in the narrow  bottle necked glen. The government gave the order to slaughter the rebels men women & children of the Macdonald glan. The soldiers had befriended the glan weeks before only to turn on their hosts in the most brutal way. A 13yr old boy begged for his life. A women begged for her life she was tossed into the snow. She later died. Scotland and England were separated in those days they both had their own government's.
We stopped at the visitor centre and had  look around the displays this is owned by the Scottish National Trust.
The display shows many aspects of the mountain from the wildlife that live there. The people of today who live within the glen tell their story's. The stories of the past are also told the most harsh one above.
The beauty that surrounds you passing through the glen is overwhelming.

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