Saturday, September 21, 2013

An Evening Of Burlesque

Recently we were lucky enough to win tickets to go and see the west end show Burlesque. Burlesque was on a visit to The Theatre Severn Shrewsbury.
Simon spent most if the night with his eyes popping out on stalks at the scantily dressed dancers on the stage.
At times they were dressed only in a  a skimpy stringy thong with matching titty tassels. By heck they could swing them boobs. I am still trying to work out how to do this without knocking myself unconscious.
The host was the gorgeous red head Ivy Paige. She was a very elegant curvy lady. She was quite buxom. Believe me this curvy lady turned heads. Looking at her and her wonderful goes to show what are some of you girls thinking trying to look a stick size 6. There is no doubt curves win all day long.
Back to the show it was full if thrills and spills. It was as it says all tease with no sleaze. It was a stunning production. The show had slow strip tease dancers. A magical magician who pulled a lady put of the audience as his assistant.
The girls performed their own acts.
Amber Topaz was a star she sang as Jessica rabbit with Roger Rabbit its self strapped to her groin. The faces she pulled added to the value of the act. Slowly teasing the audience with her slow stripping.
The girls that formed the Folly Mixtures Dance babes were Bettsie Bon Bon, Ooh La Lou, Felixy Splits and Angie Sylvia. The Latter Angie Sylvia did a fire eating belly dancing act
They were all really good. Ooh La Lou came out welding before stripping into just g string and those titty tassels.
Burlesque was certainly an evening of mischief, music, magic, frivolity and fun.
Thank you to the Oswestry Adveritizer for our wonderful evening out with Burlesque. We also have a signed programme from the show which we can look back on with fond memories.

Below are some links to the stars :-

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