Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Highland Chocolatier

Well what a quaint little factory chocolate shop and tea room.
Struggling to find a park we then headed inside.
We were not disappointed as after passing all the pretty flowers and odd and interesting items outside, the theme continued on the inner.
To the left there was a small museum which showed the history of the little shop. You then entered the shop here for sale was lots of interesting odd and unusual items. Including the chocolate. It was extremely posh chocolate which was very expensive. Aaron did manage to buy some greedy bugger.
It was so different bit like stepping back and trying Willy Wonker's special recipes of chocolate smothered strawberry fudge.
To the back if the shop was the pretty little tea room again with interesting things dangling from the ceiling. I was a bit surprise to see the Pendle witches flying on their broom sticks well away from Pendle  hill. Again the things for sale were quite expensive. Here though we did settle down to a cup of coffee or guess what Hot Chocolate.  Soon it was time to leave this is a lovely attraction but one to be avoided if you have  sweet tooth or any children with one.

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