Monday, April 9, 2012

The Magic Kingdom : Disney


Let the memories begin, Heading up Disney`s Main Street U.S.A is an experience itself as you wonder into another world full of fantasy and fun.  It is truly magical. Ahead is the magical Disney Princess Castle which is a magnificent sight and to any little girl or boy it would be a dream.
Firstly we headed for Tomorrowland, as Aaron was so keen to get on Space Mountain, the one in France is fantastic but the ride was a bit of a disappointment as is was dated compared to Euro Disney`s version. I came off with a bad back after getting rattled around so much.
We all went on Speedway. Aaron had his own car and enjoyed following us around the track. 
In this area is also Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. This was an interactive show featuring the Monsters themselves and gosh some people in the audience don`t half get picked on.



Fantasyland are were all the fairy tales begin, here you can ride with Winnie the Pooh & friends, Dumbo the flying Elephant  and also Peter Pan. Its a Small World is also in this area I was swiftly whisked away by Simon and Aaron as this drives them mad. If your brave enough you can also take a ride through the scary world of Snow White. Other rides include spinning around in a tea cup and Prince Charming`s Carrousel.  This part is very similar to Euro Disney. 



The next land we visited was Liberty Square. We all went on the Haunted Mansion ride this was really good very interactive. There is a Hall of the Presidents in this area and also the Riverboat which is a huge paddle steamer that you can ride on up and down the huge lake. This boat is stunning.



Adventureland lives up to its name. Here you can meet Tinkerbell and the fairy`s ( I love Tinkerbell, she is a very magical being ) There is a huge tree house belonging to the Swiss Family Robinson so if your full of energy go for it ! Aladdin was there flying on his magic carpets. You could also visit Jack Sparrow and his pirate friends. ( Now Jack Sparrow, who dose not like him especially if your a lady ? ) You can also go for a Jungle Cruise in this area.




Frontierland is another place of excitement and fun. We met up with the real live Woody and Jess here out of Toy Story. If your brave enough you can climb aboard the Thunder Mountain Rail road or take a boat trip down Splash Mountain.
Here we bored the train which travels around The Magic Kingdom stopping off at the different lands. It`s a lovely old steam train.
A bit later in the day the weather began to storm. The whole park came to a stand still as massive folks of lightening lit up the skies, huge load and very scary claps of Thunder rang around the park. Sheltering under one of the canopies the heavens opened and it poured with rain, flooding many area`s as it fell to earth.We may have storm`s in the UK but this was terrific. The park shuts down because of the dangers of such a violent storm the storm has to be out of the 7 mile radius so it does not pose a danger to the parks functions. As fast as this storm arrived it vanished within 15 minutes giving way to again beautiful sunshine.
Disney`s Magical Kingdom lives up to it`s name Magical.

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