Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Epcot : Disney

Epcot was  are favourite Disney Park by Far. We wore our feet out exploring this park.  Space Ship Earth the large dome icon of Epcot ride was fantastic exploring space planets and more, we all had a giggle at the cartoon figures that the end of the ride. Aaron had a huge photo of himself on a screen as we came off the ride and into the activity area. That was just the start of our journey around Epcot.
The universe of Energy was an interactive show which took us on a journey back in time the dinosaur part of this was amazing. The scenes I can still picture in my head even now with faraway sunset and grazing dinosaurs amazing.
Mission Space saw us all become in charge of a space craft travelling through space at warp speed. We were all given roles the computer system gave me the role of pilot. Simon and Aaron were having a fit. Being the pilot meant I was on a mission just hope no-one was listening outside the simulator. ;-)  I enjoyed every minute wanting to go again. Aaron was the commander  giving me orders as usual, Simon the navigator telling me which was to go. It would have helped if I new my left from rights but under pressure that went straight out of the window.                                                                                              

Spaceship Earth 

Test Track was sponsored by General Motors Car Company. This ride took you through the workshops and into a test bay. Here you experience emergency stops super skids, hot and cold testing before your launched into the crash test dummies situation aimed at a concrete wall. As the wall nears the wall opens and your off out onto the high speed track in a little racing car that is more like a toboggan ride on its side and taking corners at lightening speeds. Another brilliant ride.

There was so many beautiful flowers and gardens to look at at Epcot. I have put some of these photographs in a special blog on my other blog as there was far to many to list on here  @  www.lesleyscoffeestop.blogspot.com   Disney : say it with flowers  :-)

The ride Nemo & Friends in the Seas,was so pretty, climbing aboard a clamobile  you entered the world of Nemo. Following his Disney story you went on an underwater journey with coloured reef fish sharks and Crush the turtle. Dorie was there too. It was stunning.
Moving on we stopped at The Land, the land had a number of rides, including Soarin a free flying hand gliding ride. Living the Land took us on a boat voyage through amazing greenhouses and fish farms. This is the active scientific part of Epcot. The tour even explained how genetic engineered food was created. The Lion King was an interactive show which showed the destruction of the land by people eager to make money instead of respecting the land around them showing how animals are going extinct due to greed. There is lots more to Epcot and Disney than meets the eye.

The journey into Imagination with figment, this was interesting and educational. We took a ride on a train around the displays before heading to an interactive activity centre, we all had a mess about in here.
Next stop was Captain EO, a 3D film starring Michael Jackson we watched as Michael and his crew go on a rescue mission to rescue a planet through the gift of music, light and dance.

Beautiful she was just wandering about with her babies 

The World Showcase was brilliant circulating the lake you headed off on a journey visiting little countries including Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, America. Japan, Morocco, France, UK and Canada. Each little country had its own unique little town with related houses, shops and building. They sold items related to that country and had people working in each little country from the country they were in. It was really good the way they had done this. We all found it so interesting wandering around the lake. We stopped off for Fish and Chips at little Britain ( UK ).


Epcot was such a good park.  Please don`t forget to visit my other blog to take a look at the special flower power blog. Here is another link   www.lesleyscoffeestop.blogspot.com  

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